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Neetu's Villa 

"Victorian Elegance: A European-Inspired Sanctuary"

"The Regency Parlour": A Vision of Victorian London


Imbued with subtle hues of pastel, this living room embodies the elegant simplicity reminiscent of the couple's London home. A delicate wallpaper with a textured finish serves as the backdrop for a sophisticated TV unit, gracefully mirroring Victorian-inspired furniture. Gauzy curtains, kissed with touches of white and yellow, drape across the windows, completing this serene retreat.

 "The Victorian Larder": A Classic European Kitchen"

Adopting a chic pastel palette of white and grey, this kitchen oozes a quiet sophistication. A contrasting black countertop stands out, its beauty accentuated by soft backlighting. Even the utility area follows the lyrical theme, exuding an ambiance of calm and orderliness. 

 "The Renaissance Banquet Hall": An Elegant Dining Room"

Separated by a partition of Veneer and hand-painted white and grey mosaic glasses, the dining room exudes an air of quiet refinement. Nestled under the staircase, a charming sit-out in Victorian theme storage provides a cozy nook for the children's evening delights.

 "The Regal Promenade": A Grand Staircase"

A masterpiece of Victorian design, the towering 30-foot staircase is embellished with beautifully textured wallpaper, imbuing the space with an old-world grandeur.

 "The Royal Quarters": A Sublime First Floor Living Room"

Crafted with Victorian finesse, the furniture in this living room is customized to align with the villa's pastel palette, creating an oasis of tranquility and elegance.

"The Monarch's Refuge": A Master Bedroom of Simplicity"
Enveloped in soothing shades of white and brown, this master bedroom is a testament to the beauty of simplicity. The hand-painted deco finish furniture and pure teak veneer headrest emanate a sense of timelessness, while the study table, equipped with modern gadgets, adds a contemporary touch. An adjoining walk-in wardrobe, finished in pastel yellow acrylic, completes this sanctuary.

"The Patriarch's Sanctuary": Parents' Bedroom"
Mirroring the elegance of the master bedroom, the parents' room features a white and grey study table, its custom-printed acrylic sheets tailored to their needs.

 "The Heir's Hideaway": Son's Bedroom"
Designed with a playful color scheme, this room features a bunk bed with multi-colored stairs. The lower part of the bed is adorned with cushioned walls, and the pastel white and sea cream wardrobes add a touch of youthful vibrancy to this creative space.


2D blueprint of Mr. Nambiar's luxurious villa designed by Kanopy Designs.

Nambiar's Villa 

Master Bedroom Wardrobes: "Spacious and elegantly designed master bedroom wardrobe by Kanopy Designs, offering ample storage with a perfect blend of functionality and style

Neetu's Villa 

Customised Wallpaper and Veneer Finish Study Table: "Stunning view of a study area featuring a bespoke wallpaper backdrop and a sophisticated veneer finish study table by Kanopy Designs, showcasing a blend of creativity and practicality.

Praveen's Villa 

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